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How to Get Rid Of Herpes (HSV 2)

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Most people equate the most dangerous and incurable diseases with HIV/AIDS. Yet, there are a number of other neglected infections that are according to the medical profession 'untreatable', Many of these so called untreatable conditions have an even more widespread impact.

One of these neglected but hugely widespread diseases is herpes (HSV2). Although, one can live with herpes for his/her whole life without too many problems it's not something to write home about.

Once infected the Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 the virus will remain inside his body attached to the nerves at either end of the spine, your doctor will most probably tell you that the herpes virus will reside in you forever, this is debatable however as I will explain towards the end of this article.

Now, if the question of how to get rid of herpes comes to your mind, then I guess you already have herpes or at least you think you do.

So is there a way to get rid of herpes?, well that kind of depends where you look. Traditional medication & the large drug companies will have you believe they have been striving hard to find a cure for herpes, and to some degree, they have shown some promise by developing a vaccine, unfortunately the results were only temporary.

Unfortunately for anyone suffering with a virus such as Herpes it makes far more sense for drugs to be developed to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. Of course many of you will shoot me down in flames as nothing more than a sceptic. Of course our Doctors want to help us & of course the drug companies really have our health and best interests at heart... Don't they?

Prevention is best, of course it is. A barrier (condom) will help stop the transmission of herpes, but what if you already have the condition, it's a little late then. I really don't need to educate anyone already suffering with type2 herpes, & I won't, quite simply because it is patronising and pointless.

So back to the burning question (pardon the pun)

How do you get rid of herpes, can you stop herpes outbreaks?.

As I said it would depend on who you ask. Ask your doctor and the answer will usually be no but you can control it with one of these fine (but slightly expensive drugs). Ask me and I'll say Yes and tell you a whole different story.

Take a look at our home page and I will tell you how it really is possible to get rid of herpes.

Now before you do click over to our home page let me just say that nothing on this website is based on drugs or supplements of any description, if you believe that the drug industry has your well being at heart & the only way you can cure or control any illness is by taking drugs then this isn't the place for you.

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by - 25/05/2012

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