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Ways To Get Rid of Herpes

When the majority of people hear the word “herpes” they instantly think of sex. This could be due to the fact genital herpes is currently one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases known to mankind.

When you get a positive diagnosis from your doctor that you have herpes, there is a high probability that you will face many feelings, including some that may cause you to feel like an out-cast to society. In other words, you may begin to feel shunned by members of society as “sexually corrupt”.

The truth is many people are unaware that there are actually several types of HSV, and not all of them are spread through sexual intercourse.

In other words, this means that even though someone is living with herpes does not mean they were infected from having sexual intercourse with an infected person because, for example, infants and newborns run the risk of contracting the disease from the mother’s birth canal or from being handled by someone who has the virus.

The reason there are different types of the virus that affects several body parts is because there are several different strains of the virus. The strains that are the most common are known to affect the face and mouth, genitalia, or hands and toes. Since there are several types of HSV, the virus is classified into two main types which are the most common, they are referred to as herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2.

Ways to get rid of herpes

To date traditional medicine has failed to find a cure for herpes that gets rid of the herpes simplex virus, of course there is a reason for this which I personally place at the foot of the pharmaceutical companies. There are ways to get rid of herpes but the problem is it's not patentable which basically means no drug company can make large amounts of money from it, or perhaps I'm just being sceptical?... Read about 'Get Rid of Herpes' here

Treatments for Herpes

There are a few choices in terms of treatment for herpes as far as traditional medication is concerned, all of which address the symptoms or reduce outbreaks. First, there is antiviral medicine that works to destroy the virus’ reproduction process, thus slowing the rate the virus is able to multiply itself at, which in-turn allows your immune system to have adequate time to fight back.

Some of the most common antiviral medicines used to treat the herpes simplex virus are valaciclover, acicilovir, and famciclover. If you cannot afford the name brand, you will have the chance purchase them under generic names which will save you quite a bit of money.

In addition to antiviral medicines, there are also several topical medications you can use to control the virus. For example, the first example is called doconasol and it is used to prevent the virus from entering the skin as it stops the virus from connecting to the cell membranes.

Tromantadine changes the make-up of the skin’s cells on the surface of the body which stops the entry and perpetual spread of the virus. These medicines also work to stop the body from releasing viral genetic material.

One final form of topical solution is called zilactin and it works to create a barrier around the area the solution was applied. This will actually stop the sore from increasing in size while decreasing the overall spread of the virus as it will be beginning to heal.

While many of these drugs offer can offer a quick solution to stop herpes outbreaks their effectiveness often declines with time and repeated use as the virus eventually becomes immune and hence the drugs become ineffective.

There are other issues which you should consider when opting to use drugs to get rid of herpes, one being the ongoing and often high cost of the medication (depending where in the world you live of course, and then there are the health risks and side effects caused by continued use of drugs.

When looking for ways to get rid of herpes most people start with their doctor and traditional medicine which is an obvious route. But herpes suppressive meds may not be the best way to get rid of herpes. Find out why & learn about possibly the
 best ways to get rid of herpes

by Sarah Wilcox - 30/05/2012

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